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Fifth episode of Mia and Me


Mia is still worried if Vincent will still keep her secret since he is starting to understand the book's language.

When she returns to Centopia, she learns that Lyria is going to have a baby. However, if she's not taken to the Birth Grotto before the foal is born, she and her baby won't survive. Can Mia save her?




  • Mia
  • Vincent


  • Elfka Mia
  • Lyria
  • Onchao
  • Książe Mo
  • elfica Yuko
  • Gargona
  • Królowa Panthea
  • Element Jednorożca
    • Jednorożce czterech żywiołów
    • Stado Jednorożców



"WInd and Water, Golden Horn, through Onchao, new Hope is born."


The Water and Wind Unicorns come to aid in the birth of Onchao, who has a golden horn that can restore dead lands.


  • Mia learns about the Element Unicorns
  • Onchao is born.

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